Which camp is right for my child?

Our camps are targeted at different age ranges.

Little Heroes is for kids in Kindergarten and Year 1.

Kids use a mix of online and offline activities to start learning basic of how to think and approach problems like a coder.

They also explore programming through a range of different iPad apps.

Spark is for kids in grades 2-6.

We welcome beginners and those who've never coded before, but we also have many returning campers come along!

Campers will be building a "platformer" game, similar to Super Mario Bros or Sonic the Hedgehog. Kids will learn the basics such as how to create their own virtual world, how to populate that world with characters, and how to make those characters interact all using our software and drag and drop coding. At the end of camp they will come away with their own downloadable game app! 

Ignite is for kids in grades 2-6.

Usually kids who come to have learned some code before, such as at our Spark camp, or they might be in the later grades and so need more of a challenge.

In class, the kids will be creating their own virtual world just like in Spark. This time however, they create a series of mini games as well! So they get to learn a whole lot of other coding functions!

Across the three days of camp, they are also introduced to simple JavaScript coding. This is the coding language used to create websites.

Blast 3D is aimed at students in grades 3-7.

This camp uses pure JavaScript coding, which is the language used to build applications in websites. You probably have used JavaScript many times without even realising it!

Campers will create a multi-level game with more challenging features in their very own 3-dimensional world. This camp is most suited to kids who have completed a Spark and/or Ignite camp, or who have prior experience coding.

Web Builders is aimed at students in grades 3-7.

Our newest course, Web Builders teaches you how to build your own website at Code Camp! Students will learn HTML, CSS & JavaScript to create a multi-page, reactive website on a topic of their choice. 

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