Which camp is right for my child?

Our camps are targeted at different age ranges.

Little Heroes

Little Heroes is for kids 5-6 years old, in Kindergarten and Year 1.

Kids use a mix of online and offline activities to start learning the basics of how to think and approach problems like a coder and complete activities that demonstrate the importance of technology and how we can have fun learning it.

They also explore programming through a range of different tablet apps.


Spark is for kids 7-12 years old, in grades 2-6.

We welcome beginners and those who have never coded before, but we also have many returning campers come along!

Campers will be building a "platformer" game, similar to Super Mario Bros or Sonic the Hedgehog. Kids will learn the basics such as how to create their own virtual world, how to populate that world with characters, and how to make those characters interact all using our software and block (drag-and-drop) coding. At the end of camp, they will come away with their own downloadable game app!


Ignite is for kids 7-12 years old, in grades 2-6.

Ignite is usually for kids who have learnt some coding before, such as at our Spark camp, or they might be in the later grades and so need more of a challenge.

In class, the kids will be creating their own virtual world just like in Spark. This time, however, they go further in-depth learning coding concepts and functions which allow them to also create a series of mini-games!

During the camp, they are also introduced to simple line-coding using JavaScript. This is the coding language used to create websites.

Blast 3D

Blast 3D is for students 8-13 years old, in grades 3-7.

The coding in Blast 3D is done entirely using JavaScript, which is the language used to build applications in websites. You have probably used things built using JavaScript many times without even realising it!

Campers will create a multi-level game with more challenging features in their very own 3-dimensional world. This camp is most suited to kids who have completed a Spark and/or Ignite camp, or who have prior experience coding.

Web Builders

Web Builders is for students 8-13 years old, in grades 3-7.

Web Builders teaches kids how to build their own website at Code Camp! Students will learn HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to create a multi-page, reactive website on a topic of their choice.

During the program, students will learn how to use and create style sheets, navigate their website, and are introduced to Bootstrap. We also cover online safety and privacy to ensure all students are aware of the risks associated with putting certain information on the web.

YouTube Creators

YouTube Creators is for students 8-13 years old, in grades 3-7.

YouTube Creators sees children plan, record and edit two different styles of YouTube-like videos using online editing software. On the YouTube Creators camp, children won’t set up a YouTube channel or post their video on YouTube during camp, as you need to be 13 to have a YouTube channel. They do learn about YouTube branding and create a logo, channel name, and brand assets, and we will send home the video the children create. Parents are then welcome to make a channel for their child after camp.

DJ Camp

DJ Camp is for students 8-13 years old, in grades 3-7.

Our DJ camp allows children to master the basics of DJing using Pioneer DDJ-200 controllers and WeDJ software.

During this camp, children will achieve the following:

  • Learn about beats, bars and rhythm
  • Learn to mix 2 songs on professional software and hardware
  • Computer skills: learn to build a basic website portfolio and basic marketing
  • Performance skills: confidence to perform in front of a group
  • Creativity: design logo and flyer online

Animation Camp

Animation Camp is for kids aged 6-10 years old, in grades 1-4.

In Animation camp, kids learn the basics of stop motion animation to create their own mini-films, just like Chicken Run and Wallace and Gromit! They will be able to design, film and edit their own stop motion films on their tablets, using both clay (on day one) and lego (on day two).

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