YouTube Creators - Parent Info

Over three days* at YouTube Creators camp, students will create not one but TWO videos: a game review style and a how-to style!

We can’t wait to hear all our YouTube Creators’ video ideas and, to ensure we keep to our production schedule and keep everyone safe online, we have selected a list of ‘how-to’ activities and games to review. Once we equip them with the skills to storyboard, shoot and edit their own videos at camp, they’ll be able to go off into the wild and create even more content. 

Kids will be encouraged to work in groups when filming. If they are coming with a pal, awesome! If not, we’ll team them up with someone else. Kids work independently to edit their videos, meaning they’ll have full creative direction over their finished product (all the fun stuff like creating their channel logo, adding backgrounds, music and even sound effects!). Please be aware that your child will likely feature in someone else’s video. While we won’t be showing students how to create their own YouTube channel (privacy laws dictate that only kids 13+ can create a channel), we’ll equip them with all the video editing skills they need to make videos at home.

Below you’ll find a list of pre-approved activities for both videos. It would be awesome if your child could please select a game to review and a ‘how-to’ activity in advance. 

Games to review: 

We’ve hand-selected these games because they require no downloading and don’t contain any mature themes:

  1. House of Hazards
  2. Go Kart Go Ultra
  3. Basketball Stars
  4. City Racing
  5. Football Blitz
  6. Soccer All-Stars
  7. Ping Pong Chaos
  8. Dunkers
  9. G-Switch

How-to activities 

  1. How to make Origami faces (Bear, Cat, Cow, Dog, Fox, Koala, Pig)
  2. How to draw your favourite character (SpongeBob, Mike Wazowski, Homer Simpson, Steve from Minecraft, Squirtle, Jigglypuff, Pikachu, Kirby, Winnie the Pooh, Piglet, Pushween the Cat)
  3. How to be a magician (walk through a piece of paper)
  4. How to make a chatterbox AKA paper fortune teller
  5. How to make (and fly) the best paper aeroplane 
  6. Other: if your child has a passion that could be turned into a 2-3 minute video we’d love to help them create it! 

All essential resources for the above activities will be provided at camp, but feel free to BYO props and costumes! We’ll be filming in front of a green screen so please ask your children to avoid wearing the colour green on the first day of camp unless they want to be invisible!

Any questions, please feel free to get in touch with us at

** We’ve got a handful of two day YouTube Creators camps running. In this case, your child will get to choose if they’d like to create a Game Review OR How-To video. They’ll take home log-in details for a web-based video editing software so they can continue to create at home.

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