Animation Online - What To Provide

Here are the required and recommended items so your child can successfully complete our Online Animation Camp. Most of these items you probably already have around your home, and if not, most items can be substituted for something similar. For example, instead of modelling clay, you could provide coloured Blu Tack, Play-Doh or plasticine, and instead of a clay cutter, a kitchen utensil such as a spatula would work just fine. 

For items that you don't already have at home, we've included a suggested source for your ease. You can absolutely purchase these items from wherever you prefer though. These suggestion links also provide a great visual for what we're referring to for each.

Required Items

Item Suggested Source
Tablet running Android 5.0 or later, or iOS 12.0 or later
Second screen (to follow the lessons & chat to tutors) A laptop, computer or another tablet
Stop Motion Studio Pro app Google Play Store //  Apple Store
Tablet stand (or standing tablet case) IKEA tablet stand // standing case example
Modelling clay (or similar) Officeworks clay set
5 x white A3 paper Officeworks paper pad
1 x blue or green A3 paper Officeworks A3 board
Coloured pencils/ pens Officeworks 12-pack
LEGO characters (or similar) & building blocks Kmart LEGO shop
LEGO base Kmart LEGO base plates
A3 Movie stage See below

The A3 movie stage is used to attach your child's background designs and blue/ green paper to. Click here for examples. You may be happy to have these temporarily stuck to the wall next to the table they're working on, or cut a couple of sides out of a large box. At our in-person camps, our students use free-standing stages such as the below. Here are step by step instructions on how to assemble the option on the left using A3 card, cardboard and tape if you wish to easily replicate this version. 

Non-Essential Items

These are the additional items which are totally optional. Your child will love our online camp just as much without them, but if you'd like them to get extra creative, these are some items which will help with that during the duration of the camp. We've added an extra column here for which activity they'd be used for to help you judge whether you'd like to include it.

Item Activity Suggested Source
Table cover Clay character building Kmart table cover
Assorted coloured paper/ crafts Movie set design Kmart coloured paper
Scissors Movie set design
Officeworks student scissors
Glue Movie set design
Officeworks glue stick
Clay Cutter Clay character building
Bunnings plastic scraper

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