What is Code Camp?

Code Camp are the leading authority for kids coding education in Australia. Sponsored by Westpac and powered by HP.

Code Camp was founded in 2013 where 8 kids attended the first camp. So far, Code Camp has had 100,000 kids attend a camp across 350 schools in Australia and is the highest rated school holiday activity with over 500 5-star reviews on  Product Review.
After the 3 or 4 day camp, students will have their own app to show family and friends and can further their coding skills at home through Code Camp World – an online platform for kids to access after camp and keep up their newly learnt coding skills. Just like 11-year-old Sarah Yep who attended her first Code Camp when she was 9 years old and then continued using her coding skills at home to develop a Beach safety app, helping people to learn about the dangers of swimming at the beach, which sparked the interest of Surf Life Saving Australia.
Code Camp COO, Hayley Markham is a mum of three from Sydney, “We have seen an increase in the number of enrolments in our camps and parents are now realising that coding is an important skill to equip their children with to provide them with more opportunities in the future”.
Fellow Co-Founders, Ben Levi, Peter Neill and Dan Zwolenski are all from Sydney and are excited by how they can help schools integrate coding into the classroom. “Digital Technologies are now a compulsory part of the National School Curriculum so schools are having to adopt new programs related to coding into their lesson plans. There has been a big surge in teachers taking our professional development courses so that they’re equipped to teach these new subject to students” says Code Camp Chief Technology Officer Dan Zwolenski.
“It’s an exciting time for us and for students and we have been busy working on a number of new initiatives to teach kids coding in an interesting way, keeping up to date with the latest advancements in technology” says Co-CEO Ben Levi. Along with their popular after-school and school holiday programs, Code Camp have recently introduced a wide range of online coding courses to enable and encourage students around the world to learn to code from the comfort of their own home too!

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