Our new camp names

We've made a few changes to the names of some of our camps to better reflect the content of the camps. We hope that these new names will help parents like yourself differentiate between the skills your kids will learn at each camp.

What's new?

Old Name New Name What do kids do at this camp?
Little League Little Heroes A mixture of online and offline activities to stimulate our littlest coders' passion for technology!
Ignite 2D Game Makers This camp builds on existing skills learned at Spark, introducing JavaScript on the last day.
Blast 3D 3D World Builders Build a 3D game using pure JavaScript, the language of the web!
Blast AR Augmented Reality Creators This is a really groundbreaking camp, use the latest AR tech to create an exciting adventure game.
Brand New! Web Hackers New this season: use HTML, CSS & JavaScript to build a website from scratch.

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