Which camp should I enrol my child in?

We have five camps to choose from, all completely unique and fun in their own ways. The camp that's right for your child is dependent on your child's age and previous coding experience.

My child hasn't been to Code Camp before

  • Ages 5-7: Little Coders is the camp for you. It's a great introduction to the world of coding, taught in a way our littlest Code Campers will enjoy! Your child will love the fun and interactive way we teach kids to code at Little Coders. Read more about Little Coders.
  • Ages 7-12: Your child should begin their coding journey with us at Spark, our most popular camp which over 25,000 kids have LOVED so far. Learn more about Spark.
  • Ages 7-12: At Robotics Camp your child will explore the magic of robotics, using coding and programming to bring their robot to life! Learn more about Robotics.

My child has previously attended a Code Camp

If your child has attended our Little Coders camp and is now aged over 7 years, we recommend that they complete Spark before continuing to the more advanced camps.

Once your child has completed Spark, they are able to move onto any one of our more advanced Code Camps:

Camp Name Ages Description
7 - 12 This camp is for those who have conquered Spark and are ready to take on the world of JavaScript to create an awesome adventure game.
Blast 3D 8 - 13 The world's first 3D coding camp designed for kids to code, create and build spectacular 3D worlds in JavaScript.
Web Builders 8 - 13 Build your own website at Code Camp! Students will learn HTML, CSS & JavaScript to create a multi-page website on a topic of their choice.

Non-coding options

Camp Name Ages Description
Minions Animation 5 - 7 Create Minions clay characters, design a film set, and work together to create a stop-motion animated video capturing the hilarious mischief of the Minions.
Jurassic Animation 5 - 7 Produce your own animated stop-motion movie starring your favourite dinosaurs from Jurassic World!
Curious Minds 5 - 7 Over 2 days, we will investigate topics such as prosthetic limbs, cars of the future, cryptocurrency, fingerprints and so much more via fun and engaging hands-on (screen-free) activities.
Minecraft Minis 5 - 7 Let your child's creativity and imagination run wild as they take their very first steps into the pixelated universe of blocks, exciting characters, and endless possibilities at Minecraft Minis!
Roblox Legends 7 - 10 Kids will work in groups to create design and build story, obby and survival games just like their favourite Roblox games. They'll use digital storytelling, game design, and 3D modelling to bring their ideas to life!
Animation Camp 7 - 12 Learn stop-motion animation! Learn the basics of making your own stop-motion films, including designing, filming and editing.
Minecraft Engineers 7 - 12 An exciting blend of coding, engineering and creativity designed to pique your child’s curiosity and provide a foundation in programming.  Kids will build a rollercoaster by learning and applying coding, basic engineering concepts and command-based programming in an age-appropriate way that's also incredibly fun!
DJ Camp 8 - 13 Use DJ controller decks to master the basics of being a DJ. Learn basic music skills such as beats, bars and rhythm, and build confidence by performing in front of the group. 
Design Camp 9 - 13 Your child will discover design fundamentals, then experience the magic of fashion sketches, mood boards and patterns as they design a stunning three-piece fashion collection.
YouTube Creators 9 - 13 Learn to plan, record and edit two YouTube-like videos using online software. Also, learn about channel branding, create a logo and a channel name.
Drone Camp 9 - 13 The coolest intersection of STEM learning and fun, kids get a taste of cutting-edge technology and learn about coding, problem-solving, engineering, design, and more!

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