Which camp should I enrol my child in?

We have five camps to choose from, all completely unique and fun in their own ways. The camp that's right for your child is dependent on your child's age and previous coding experience.
My child hasn't been to Code Camp before
  • Ages 5-6: Little Heroes is the camp for you. It's a great introduction to the world of coding, taught in a way our littlest Code Campers will enjoy - with heaps of physical activity and exciting challenges. Read more about Little Heroes.
  • Ages 7-12: Your child should begin their coding journey with us at Spark, our most popular camp which over 25,000 kids have LOVED so far. Learn more about Spark.

My child has previously attended a Code Camp

If your child has attended our Little Heroes camp (previously known as Little League) and is now aged over 7 years, we recommend that they complete Spark before continuing to the more advanced camps.

Once your child has completed Spark, they are able to move onto any one of our more advanced Code Camps:

Camp Name Ages Description
7 - 12   This camp is for those who have conquered Spark and are ready to take on the world of JavaScript to create an awesome adventure game.
Blast 3D 8 - 13 The world's first 3D coding camp designed for kids to code, create and build spectacular 3D worlds in JavaScript.
Web Builders 8 - 13 Brand new for Summer 2018/19 - build your own website at Code Camp! Students will learn HTML, CSS & JavaScript to create a multi-page website on a topic of their choice.

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